Hey shipmates :) It’s me, Meg! 

Five Facts:

1.  I’m living downtown in the city this year, but come April I have to move home for my final year of school. Totally blows, but I need to save money for after I graduate.

2. I’m planning on moving to Germany after my undergrad is complete. I want to do my master’s there on something art/film based. I’m learning my German now to help me prepare. I’m so excited :D

3. I feel totally inept 90% of the time, but it’s usually you guys that help build my confidence. I didn’t know what I did before November 2012. AM I RIGHT?

4. Amanda and Kaitlin are my lifelines, 

5. I’m currently writing this. Chapter Four will hopefully be up tonight. 


  1. nitefang said: YOU’RE PERFECT
  2. andthenagainbegin said: YOU’RE POSTING ANOTHER CHAPTER!?!?! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH also <3
  3. carmi-believes-in-love said: Meg you’re so gorgeous!! Lovely smile ♥
  4. ofpiratesandsaviors said: AAAAAA YOU’RE MOVING TO GERMANY????!?! that’s so close to me!!! :D (pretty as always darling <3)
  5. tersaseda said: No, no, no—you have a lovely face that should not be ignored! Nice to “meet” you!
  6. itoldyouweweregettingalong said: You’re my lifeline too babe ily Also what a babe!
  7. untilkillianmetemma said: what a cutiepie!
  8. mostlypoptarts said: chapter four soon!! yay <3
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